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Many organisations felt the descrution that Configuration Manager can bring when not used properly, including Australia’s CommBank and Emory University. However, if Configuration Manager is used to steal data instead of destruct it?

Configuration Manager has the power of executing code in a high privileged context as well as user’s context on a vast amount of devices within the organisation. If the security is not properly configured, data can be stolen easily.

Many organisations oversee this issue and do not proper configure Configuration Manager, instead, they allow all IT admins to have “full access” or give service account more rights that they require. And with access, owning one means rule them all.

As experts in Configuration Manager, RFL can deliver a Security Assessment, resulting in a call to action document that list the items found, qualifies and describes them and offers remediations.

What is the Scope?

Site Server and Site System configuration
SQL Server configuration
Content source access
Role Base Administration
Software Updates and processes
Network communication
Client configuration
Service Accounts


The package costs a fixed price of £5,500.00.

*We reserve the right to change prices, descriptions, modify, or substitute products without notice. All prices exclude taxes (when applicable)