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Created in 2013, our Health Check service uses an innovative toolkit which helps analyse the health conditions of a Configuration Manager environment in an easy and practical manner.

Through this exceptional software, RFL Systems are able to assess the current status of the Configuration Manager’s performance, latest updates, disk space, client data and other key indicators.

Based on pre-established rules, the Healthcheck first collects a wide array of data from the server(s), which are then analysed and exported to a Word document into organised sections. This report is generated automatically, allowing a holistic and straightforward health-check analysis of the ecosystem.

Through a crystal-clear and integrated interface, Configuration Manager admins are able to identify and address errors, warnings and configuration issues, thus ensuring a seamless functioning of the Configuration Manager.


£ 850.00*

Per Month

Contract Lenght: 1 month


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£ 800.00*

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Contract Lenght: 3 months


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£ 750.00*

Per month

Contract Lenght: 12 months


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