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Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr/MECM/SCCM) is at the centre of your Devices Lifecycle Management. According to Microsoft’s Brad Anderson, Configuration Manager manages more than 110 million of Windows 10 devices and 67% of all Windows 10 upgrades done in the enterprise are done via Configuration Manager.

Configuration Manager provides a unified infrastructure and a single console through which a device and user resources can be managed. Some of the current features below:

  • Inventory: Maintain a record of organization’s hardware and software.
  • Asset intelligence: Obtain more insight from the inventory data recorded by the inventory feature. Asset intelligence uses a catalog that contains software and license information to identify the inventoried software.
  • Software metering: Monitor and collect software usage data and generate reports to determine how applications are used in the organization.
  • Application management: Install, uninstall, upgrade and monitor organization’s applications
  • Application Request Workflow: Manage a workflow to approve or deny application and operating system deployment to user’s
  • Software updates management: Manage, deploy, and monitor software updates.
  • Operating system deployment: Install and upgrade operating systems images. Can also be used to retire existing operating system and hardware
  • BIOS to UEFI Migration: Automate migration of BIOS settings to take advantage of Windows 10 security features that requires UEFI and SecureBoot.
  • Endpoint protection: Protect clients against malicious software (also called malware).
  • Compliance settings: Help assess, track, and remediate the compliance of managed devices.
  • Reporting: Current and historical report generation and subscriptions scheduled to be sent by email in various formats.
  • Monitoring: Supervise site systems and client health and provides automatic remediation for specific client errors.
  • CMPivot: Collect and view real-time data on all the connected devices
  • Power Management and Wake on Lan: Monitor and reduce the power consumption of managed devices.
  • Windows 10 and Office 365 Servicing: Control and monitor the delivery of feature updates and quality updates to devices.
  • Remote Tools: Allow an IT admin to securely view, administer, troubleshoot, or provide assistance remotely to any managed device connected to the corporate network .
  • Role Based Administration: Secure and audit the Configuration Manager environment by determining tasks that an administrative user can perform and objects and resources on which he/she can perform those tasks.
  • Phased deployment: Mitigate the risk of deployment issues by rolling out software and updates to a smaller group before the mass deployment.
  • Automation with PowerShell: Perform administrative tasks without the need for an IT admin to click in the console. PowerShell scripts can be scheduled to run at specific times and perform specific tasks, such as Update monthly Software Update statistics.
  • Cloud Integration: Integrate Configuration Manager with Microsoft Cloud solutions, such as Intune, OMS, Azure AD, Device Health Attestation, Microsoft Defender ATP, Windows Store for Business).
  • Enhanced Authentication: Enhance the Authentication for any IT Administrator using Configuration Manager to use Certificate based authentication or Windows Hello instead of default authentication method (Windows Authentication – username/password)
  • BitLocker Management : Install, monitor and manage Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) client.
  • Content management: Maintain and monitor the content that is deployed to managed devices, and minimise WAN traffic (LETBAT, BranchCache, Boundary Group, Peer Cache, Windows Delivery Optimization).

When Configuration Manager goes wrong, organisations loose money. You should not allow Configuration Manager to get wrong, and we are here to make sure it does not happen.

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