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Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr/MECM/SCCM) is at the centre of your Devices Lifecycle Management. New ways to manage those devices and new refresh cycles, OS maintenance modes, stronger need for patching to be spot on, are just a few reasons why you can’t get ConfigMgr wrong. At RFL Systems we specialise at managing ConfigMgr for companies just like yours. With many years of experience and the most qualified team, we will ensure your company is ready for the modern world challenges.


Always Healthy

Proactive monitoring and maintenance
DataExplorer for ConfigMgr to monitor and quickly resolve common issues

Quarterly Health Checks

Our Health Check exercise will take place every quarter and will provide clear guidelines on how to improve the ConfigMgr infrastructure
A revision of best practices is issued on every interaction

Always up to date

ConfigMgr will always be up to date
Documentation and change request provided
Planned update/upgrade activities

Solid support team with many years of experience

Certified and experienced ConfigMgr professionals
Team includes Microsoft MVPs focused on ConfigMgr
Many hours of support included
Consulting packaged included


Documents always up to date
How-to guides
Naming standards documented and reviewed

What do we do?


Your Configuration Manager environment is up and running, but you do not have the time and resources to do the day to day administrative tasks. We will complete these tasks for you not only saving you money, but time. We will not only assist with the day to day administrative tasks, they will perform the weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks that are suggested by Microsoft best practices.


Your environment has been running smoothly since your deployment, but how do you keep this environment up and running with little or no downtime? We will monitor your environment to make sure that the server operating system and the entire hierarchy is healthy and functioning correctly. We will perform the required weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks that are suggested by Microsoft best practices.


Want to know what clients are installed? What is the current state of your Security Updates? How many copies of a specific software title are installed? How many versions of a specific operating system are deployed? We will provide these reports, and we will also be able to generate additional custom reports to make sure you get the latest and most accurate information. We can also provide you with some dashboards for a quick



£ 3,000.00*

Per month

Monthly Support Hours: 20

Contract Lenght: 3 months


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£ 3,750.00*

Per Month

Monthly Support Hours: 30

Contract Lenght: 6 months


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£ 4,000.00*

Per Month

Monthly Support Hours: 40

Contract Lenght: 12 months


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*We reserve the right to change prices, descriptions, modify, or substitute products without notice. All prices exclude taxes (when applicable)